Radio Stations playing the album, SACRED, by Kevin Wood
Sacred cover CD

New Age / Ambient / World Radio Programs from these radio stations have played songs from the album, Sacred, on their radio shows. SACRED has reached the #9 album on New Age Reporters Top 100 Radio chart. (

Celestial Reasonings

Night Tides on KCUR

Ageless Music on KEDT/KVRT

Instru-Mentality on KGPR

The Wallauer Hour on WFAS

Radio Avalon on WHIL

Mystic Sister on WMHB

Instrumental Satrudays on WMSE

Athan's Journey on WRBC

Acoustic Resonance / Fantasy Realm on WWSP

Night Music on CKUA

Wholly Bozos on KDNK

Galaxie CBC

Mindscapes on KSUU

Audiosyncracy on KTEP

Heartstrings with Mel Lowe on WSGE

New Age Show on WDPS

Journey to the Infinite on Delta RFI

Galactic Voyager on KCSN

Zero G on KOCV

The Junkyard on KTUH

Wings on WFCF

Global Groove on WFIT

Soundwaves on WUSM

Music from the Cosmic Wheel on WSCS

New Age Collage on KESD

The Night Traveller on KRCB

Music from Beyond the Lakes on WDBX

Planetary Prismatic Psonics on WKNH

The Pit on WYBF

Night Light on KUAC

Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM

Earthtones on WERU

Pheonix Fight on WTUL

CheezMuzik on WTUL

Sunday New Age Morning on WAER

InnerVisions on KRSC

Light in the Night on WAWL



New Age Sampler on WWSP

Gift of Peace by Lisa Brody

KOVC with Doug Cole

Soundscape by Crystal Sarakas on WSKG

Nightbreeze by Mark Jayne on KCCK

The Morning Fog on WVUD

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"The new musical tone is more spiritual, even reverent, than Scenic Listening. I felt a calling, if you will, to develop these two different - but equally spiritual - styles of vocal prayer; that is, Gregorian and Native American, and fuse these parallel devotions into a single seamless musical stytle. I believe they marry well." -- Kevin Wood.

Full track listing for SACRED:

1) The Ritual

2) Exaltation

3) Solemn Vow

4) Glory Beckons

5) In Search of Kindred Spirits

6) Twilight of Hope

7) Secret Prayer

8) Peace Within

9) The Ritual (Ambient Mix)

10) Cathedral Echo (Bonus track)



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