Wood's much-anticipated Second Album Is Here
Sacred cover CD

Just Released and the reviews are pouring in!

Solemn Vow (3mb full-song FREE download)

In Search of Kindred Spirits (4mb sample)

Gregorian Chant, Native American voices, and various world vocals are artfully woven to create a rich tapestry of music that channels the wisdom of the ages.

Let the rhythms, the beautiful melodies, and the ancient voices transport you to a place of wisdom, peace, and sanctity -- to a place that is truly . . . Sacred.

"Absolutely beautiful! One of the most uplifing CDs I've heard in many years. Our whole staff loves it! A winner once again!"
-PJ Birosik (writer for CDNOW, Nexus, more)

"SACRED is being awarded our #2 World album of 2005. Wood's melodic sensibilities, and the ability to blend a variety of styles into a cohesive whole, set him apart from the norm. He has delivered a veritable buffet of gourmet listening. Approaches the catchy sound of Enigma, Delerium, Deep Forest and Sacred Spirit, but without the pop-gloss or heaviness." --Backroads Music

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"The new musical tone is more spiritual, even reverent, than Scenic Listening. I felt a calling, if you will, to develop these two different - but equally spiritual - styles of vocal prayer; that is, Gregorian and Native American, and fuse these parallel devotions into a single seamless musical stytle. I believe they marry well." -- Kevin Wood.

Full track listing for SACRED:

1) The Ritual

2) Exaltation

3) Solemn Vow

4) Glory Beckons

5) In Search of Kindred Spirits

6) Twilight of Hope

7) Secret Prayer

8) Peace Within

9) The Ritual (Ambient Mix)

10) Cathedral Echo (Bonus track)

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